We protect your code.

Luarmor is the #1 whitelist service for Roblox. Monetize your script without worrying about malicious actors.

Luarmor is fast, stable and secure.

A stability-first approach to whitelist security.

Built with security and stability in mind.

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Super Fast

Luarmor is extremely fast and stable because we have multiple servers around the world, ensuring the fastest authentication possible.

Easy to Integrate

All you have to do is to upload your script to dashboard and that's it. Luarmor will embed the whitelist inside your script and obfuscate it using Luraph

Top Security

Luarmor utilizes private and unique methods to keep your script secure. We write the code that re-writes your code in most secure way possible.


Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime, including script stability. With Luarmor, your users will never have whitelist related errors.

License management service that accelerates your growth.

Luarmor allows you to automate everything about access management.

Discord bot

Users can do everything automatically, without needing assistance. Discord bot allows users to run commands like /redeem, /resethwid, /script, /getrole etc..

See how discord bot works -> ο»Ώ

Runtime variables

You can easily access user data using runtime assigned variables. With runtime variables, you can allow specific users to access specific things in your script, could be a freemium GUI, or a beta feature.

Learn more about runtime variables -> ο»Ώ

Sellix & Shoppy integration

You can generate unused keys on dashboard and add them to selling services as 'serial codes'. Users can redeem these by running /redeem command, or simply adding them on top of their script like script_key = 'key';

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Whitelisted Users


Monthly Executions


Active Scripts

↓Get Started↓


If you just started developing scripts, this plan is ideal for you. You can always switch to a higher plan anytime you want!

$15 /month

βœ“ API & Bot access

βœ“ Security logs

βœ“ Execution logs

βœ“ Up to 200 users

βœ“ 20 obfuscations per month

βœ“ Up to 2 scripts

βœ• Free for all mode


Best plan for most users. If your script hub growing fast, this plan is recommended.

$25 /month

βœ“ API & Bot access

βœ“ Security logs

βœ“ Execution logs

βœ“ Up to 1,000 users

βœ“ 100 obfuscations per month

βœ“ Up to 8 scripts

βœ“ Free for all mode


Premium version without limitations. You can add as many users as you want. And no obfuscation limits!

$40 /month

βœ“ API & Bot access

βœ“ Security logs

βœ“ Execution logs

βœ“ Up to 10,000 users

βœ“ 3,000 obfuscations per month

βœ“ Up to 18 scripts

βœ“ Free for all mode

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